WEBINAR: Villara Building Systems Digitizing Mobile Workforces

Discover how Villara Building Systems converted a paper-based time keeping solution, for mobile field workers into an extremely efficient digital system, integrated to SAP.

_Digitizing Mobile Workforce for SAP with Villara Building Systems


Watch and listen to Villara’s Head of Information Technology, Andre Coetser, and Pillir’s C.E.O. and Founder, Vaidya Aiyer discuss how Villara was able to transition paper-based, legacy workflows (such as time capture, approval and payroll uploads) for their mobile, fluctuating workforce by utilizing Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud with little to no programming or infrastructure set-up.

Pillir’s EdgeReady Cloud and Villara’s modernization success story supports Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Logistics, Manufacturing and many other industries who rely on their SAP core to power their business operations.

Learn how Villara is now able to:

  • Serve a seasonally fluctuating mobile workforce with modern applications.
    Provide real-time, intelligent data that increases productivity at headquarters and in the field.
    Easily support a fluctuating mobile workforce without adding management overhead, capital expenditures and additional operational costs.

Furthermore, in this video you'll hear more about how Villara Building Systems discovered that Pillir's solution had major changes to the way they operated and the effect it was having on their day-to-day. Their previous struggles with payroll and time cards became optimized and automated.

Their workforce was completely transformed through:

  • Modernization: automated time-entry process for employees and ease of upload for payroll
  • Integrated and Cost-Effective End-to-End Solutions: end-to-end mobile solution fully integrated with SAP—enabling greater visibility
  • Streamlined Core System and Process: minimum use of ABAP code, lowers TCO of SAP

With SAP integrated payroll processes, what once took Villara three days now only takes 20 minutes. The digital transformation of their original, paper-based processes to a low-code solution has completely transformed the way Villara operates and has saved them time, money and effort.

With the custom, low-code development platform offered by Pillir, Villara was able to maximize their work processes, save time and energy and optimize essential operations. Processes that were once manual and tedious have transformed into a smooth, automated solution that enables Villara to maintain employee health and well-being and also continue to make technological strides in their industry.

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Elizabeth Krohn

Elizabeth Krohn

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